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Components admissible for assistance under the scheme

Components admissible for assistance under the scheme

The government may conduct the following activities itself or invite applications from or consider proposals  submitted suo moto by    various organizations for conducting such activities under the logo of the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities.

I.          Helpline          

A helpline to be set up in Central/State Government Departments for online counselling of the PwDs on their rights, provisions of various schemes run by the Central Government Ministries / Departments, State Governments and other Organizations. Help Desk Centre  for facilitation of PwDs for information dissemination, grievance facilitation,  facilitation for economic empowerment, etc. The helpline may be maintained and operated through a BPO/NGO.  Since running of a helpline or Social media campaign requires recurring cost, approval of recurring cost has to be reviewed every year.

In the long run, the helpline shall also assist the PwDs in redresssal of grievances of PwDs by lodging complaints and / or registering their grievance which may be forwarded by the BPO to the concerned authorities.       

II.        Content Development, Publications & New Media     

The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities will bring out Publications, pamphlets, hand outs considered relevant for generation of awareness amongst the PwDs, the Civil Society and other stake holders.  The print material may include important data on disability, various initiatives and schemes run by various Ministries/Departments/States/Organizations for the Welfare of the PwDs; materials on causes, prevention, diagnostics; availability of treatment and   rehabilitation  services; material on technologies, expertise, adaptive research to develop cost effective, user friendly and durable aids, etc.,

For the above purpose all available platforms of publicity including new media in print, electronic/digital, audio / video, Braile, Sign Language etc. formats shall be used. 

The Government may also consider:-

a)    Annual prize for the best published material / book on disability.

b)    A periodical magazine, say bi-monthly (once in two months) to be published by a separate cell in the Department in which contributions from various individuals, organizations about their success stories, literary material, current activities concerning PwDs etc. can be published.

c)    Dedicated disability surveys to gain comprehensive information on disability characteristics such as prevalence, health conditions associated with disability, the use and need for services including rehabilitation would be necessary. Such surveys can be got done through organisations working in the field of disability and health.

d)    Constituting study group to compile a compendium of best practices for World-wide circulation.

III.       Events

The Government may organize National Events, participate in the International Initiatives or support various event organized by NGOs or Self-help groups or promote individual excellence   in the field of disability sector  or support such programmes as may be organized by  them in various regions. The estimated annual expenditure on such events shall be as follows:

 (a)     Programmes organized by the Department at National Level including National Awards and Samarth etc.                                              

All costs involved  in such celebrations. The programmes may include organizing competitions and giving prizes; stage performances for public viewing; organising exhibitions of paintings by PwDs and products created by   PwDs, film festivals etc. Programmes may also be organised by Central/State Govts. for awareness generation and campaigns for skill  development & employment generation of PwDs for their economic empowerment such as job fairs, skill orientation, job counselling, etc. Accessibility or any other event or campaign that the Central & State Govt. may like to take up in the interest of PwDs.

 (b)     International events                                                                                

The preamble to CRPD acknowledges that disability is an evolving concept but also stresses that disability results from the interaction between  persons with impairments and attitudinal and environmental barriers that hinder their full and effective partnership in society on an equal basis with others.        

 Negative attitudes towards disability can result in negative treatment of people with disabilities; they have an adverse effect on children and adults with disabilities, leading to negative consequences such as low self-esteem and reduced participation.  People who feel harassed because of their disability sometimes avoid going to places, changing their routines, or even moving from their homes.

Stigma and discrimination can be combated, through social marketing. Holding of conferences, seminars etc. with a view to draw strategies to combat the stigma can go a long way.

(c)       NGO Programmes:                                                                                  

Under the scheme grants for awareness generation by interpersonal communication,  street plays, film shows, road shows, etc. may be considered for self-help and advocacy groups, involvement of parents and community mobilization for bringing about a change in social attitude towards disability; providing individual or group based educational, psychological and emotional, support services for persons with disability and their families.        

The underline theme for such activities shall be that universally, institutional based services have had limited success in promoting independence and social relationship.  Where community services exist, the PwDs lack choice and control over them.  Disabled persons often see relationship with professionals as unequal and patronizing.  Such relationships also lead to an unwanted dependency.  A collaborative effort through disability rights organizations, community based rehabilitation organizations, self-advocacy groups or other collective networks can enable individuals with disabilities to identify their needs. Funds under the scheme can be made available for the organizations involved both in economic activities like health and rehabilitation services, labour market programmes, vocational training, educational, disability social insurance benefit, social assistance, disability benefit, providing assistive devices, subsidized access to transport, subsidized utility, support services including sign language interpreter.  Non-economic activities including social  isolation, stress management etc. which are difficult to quantify  may also be funded under the scheme. Programmes for economic empowerment of PwDs may be taken up by NGOs like job fairs, job counselling, etc.  Spreading  awareness about universal accessibility by  creating an enabling and  barrier-free environment  that include  accessible buildings, accessible transport, accessible websites  and  carrying out accessibility  audit, and running media/social media campaign for Skill Development or promotion of Accessibility.

(d)  State/District Level Programme Organized by the above organizations                                                                                                     

IV.    Volunteer Service/Out-reach programme for sensitizing, Commercial         Establishments and employers                                                    

            The focus so far has been on public sector and corporate sector activities for socio-economic empowerment of PwDs. Private sector, especially shops and small commercial establishments have a vast potential to absorb such persons as employees.  The idea of ‘each one take one’ can be implemented by sensitising small establishments through volunteers or incentivisation of employers. Area wise/market wise publicity campaigns can be initiated through volunteers.

V.  Recreation and Tourism

            Recreation, travel, and outings, be it for relaxation, change, treatment, psycho –religious relief  or education have a proven effect on the psychology of human beings to which PwDs can be no exception.  Travel and Tourism lead to exposure and thus enlightenment about the world around. Further, sporting and abilympics activities also promote talent and skill among PwDs which are to be supported through events, awareness campaign etc.   In this context Institutions / NGOs promoting the following facilities will also be eligible for grants under the scheme to the extent mentioned below:

  •  Identification of tourist and other spots/destinations, the environment which may benefit the persons with intellectual impairments and taking groups for excursion to such places.
  • Identification of places, other than regular hospitals, where persons with any type of disability can have therapeutic / treatment benefits or solace; and planning packages for the purpose.
  • Identification or Development of Centres where PwDs can get first-hand information / insight about their potentials with or without the use of assistive devices.
  • Making above destinations accessible.
  • Creating re-creation facility like music, reading, drawing painting, sports etc.

VI.   Participation in Community Radio:

NGOs, advocacy groups owning and / or operating Community Radio Stations and other not for profit organizations participating in production of programmes leading to social empowerment of PwDs and generating awareness amongst PwDs would be eligible for financial assistance under the scheme as  may be decided by the Committee in conformity with the scheme guidelines issued by the M/o Information & Broadcasting.

VII.      Press / Media tours and other media specific activities

The activity will include press / media tours, media workshop and other  specific media activities including sensitizing the media for the cause of the PwDs.  This will inter alia include State Government publicity units.  Song and Drama Division, Department of Film Publicity of DAVP can be made use of for this purpose.                     

VIII.    Brand Ambassador                                                         

The Government may consider appointing a Brand Ambassador with a view to catelize the whole activity under the scheme. 


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